Zombies vs. Spartans: Battling On Campus

“When did you die Karlee?”

“Yesterday,” Karlee Herzog said with a smile.

“I was ambushed by Wells Hall.”

No one does horror like Sam Raimi; honestly, no one does any kind of genre film or TV show like Sam Raimi, –and I think it’s cute how he almost always manages to get his brother Ted a bit part in lots of his projects. Ted Raimi is best known for being “Joxer the Mighty” on Xena: Warrior Princess. Ted has a lot of talent, and can pretty much play any kind of personality, but imo, he does lovable goofball the best. Anyway, back to the trailer: the movie looks scary as hell, and the opening sequences actually made me jump. A little girl getting stuck inside the flat screen is totally terrifying.

But then you add in that clown, and it’s all kinds of “Hell no, absolutely not.” The creepy clown in the first Poltergeist movie always completely undid me. I wonder though, if they’re going to make a sequel? The creepy old preacher guy from Poltergeist 2 totally kept me up at night for weeks after I saw the movie. I wonder what modern effects could do for him? Oh, and! the movie will be released in 3D, so you get to be extra scared, –like, piss your pants in sheer terror scared. I’m definitely heading to theaters to see this one, and I can’t wait!