Zombies, Vampires, Ghosts: Which is Superior?

“The undead, in all sorts of forms, have been haunting our fiction, both lately and in the much more distant past…”

Zombies are tough; they’re just not as tough as vampires and ghosts; but who is the strongest in our literature? I mean, vampires require rituals and sunlight, ghosts require exorcism. Zombies are pretty mushy, and given enough time, they’ll fall apart. They also pretty much just cranially explode when hit in the head with bullets. There’s no exit wounds, they’re just made of water ballons from the neck up.

Author Lauren Oliver, the writer behind the ghost stories in Rooms talks during an interview of the parallels and distinctions between these three members of the undead in paranormal fiction and literature, and she also seems to have a contender for zombies: but who will it be and why? Click through to the source to read on!