Zombies For Your Kids: The Little Zombie That Stood

My daughters and I play Plants Vs. Zombies all the time together. My 3.5 year old asked if she could have a zombie shirt the other day. They love zombies…”  

Until your kids see 28 Days Later, then all bets are off. True story guys, scoot over here and sit cross-legged on my woven rug, get cookies and milk and such. Now stop hitting each other and listen: that movie scared me so bad, for so long. I used to enjoy sitting outside on my grandparents lanai in Florida, I smoked, read my book, watched the possum mama carry her babies around, the fruit rats run around on the power lines, collecting citrus and probably nesting in the attic (little bastards), and the mist come off the pool. Oh and dodge the massive flying roaches only Floridians can appreciate as they are colloquially known, “palmetto bugs”.

After I saw the movie, I became intensely paranoid because of that scene, where the hot guy is just… hanging out by the fridge, at night, and you can see he’s in Lalaland, doing his thing, while this awful, vicious -thing- rushes through the yard toward the window. I couldn’t sit outside on the patio at night anymore because I was always sick with the feeling that somewhere out there, in the dark, beyond the porch light, something was going to come running at me and crash through the screen any second. So yeah, cute zombies… sure. Right up until you have to explain to your kids what a zombie is, what they eat, and so on. Buut hey, cute zombies are okay for now… right?