Zombies Are Real: Walking Corpse Syndrome

Learn about the rare condition, and meet a real life zombie.

Once upon a time, a British man named Graham decided to kill himself in the bathtub, by bringing an electric appliance into a tub full of water… with him. Electrocution is a pretty brave way to go, but unfortunately, it didn’t work. Or did it? In his mind, he became a dead man. His hair fell out, –even his body hair, from his legs, –and he stopped brushing his teeth, so they blackened. He stopped smoking, eating, and speaking. In his mind, he says, “there was no point because I was dead.”

Sounds like bullshit, right? Nope. Brain scans and tests were performed, and revealed a strong resemblance between his brain, and the brain of someone in a vegetative state. However, unlike someone in a vegetative state, Graham responded to therapy, and was eventually brought back to a more functional form of life. However, he still hasn’t returned completely to normal, and claims that things still feel a bit “bizarre” at times.