Zombie Video Games: Zombie Army Trilogy

“Zombie Army Trilogy is a trilogy of games aaaaall about a zombie army. Whose zombie army? Why Hitler’s zombie army, of course….”

Whoa so check this out, there’s a game….about zombies…and these zombies….are Nazis. A normal person can think of several reasons why blasting a Nazi into 1000 wet squishy pieces is a good idea but now, my friends…now they are undead. This changes EVERYTHING.  

So this is a trilogy of games that are all about murdering, maiming, and mauling these crazy cantankerous krauts with a group of friends. Honestly I think it’s all in good fun and killing Nazis isn’t something new in gaming, just look at Wolfenstein and Call of Duty, all you do in those games is find new and inventive ways to kill Nazis, although at this point, killing Nazis in games is starting to get very tired and blasé so I’m waiting for a trilogy when I can really stick it to Zombie Carebears.  

source: www.pcgamesn.com