Zombie Titles on PS4 Knock ‘GTA V’ Off The Top of The List

“Zombies helped boost Playstation 4 digital sales from the PS Store last month after the undead-filled games Resident Evil HD and Dying Light dominated online…”

Ha! Finally! I’m so over Grand Theft Auto titles, guys, for real. I am like, the worst driver in the history of frigging driving video games, I hate them. I can’t even win in girlfriend mode on Mario Kart. My games are horror, shooty, sandbox style, or online casino games like the ones from and I don’t do driving. So screw GTA, but bring on the zombehs! Woot! I also want to try some casino promotions and bonuses I’ve found at Casino Slots Forum!


The two titles I am most excited about are Dying Light and Resident Evil HD –even though Dying Light has received a lot of negative press, my ex-husband basically convinced me that the game was a lot better than everyone was saying, and the challenge is worth it. Then there’s Resident Evil HD, and I dunno, but I played Resident Evil: Revelations on PS3 and was a huge fan, –so I know the new HD release is going to rock my socks, and I have really high hopes for the sequel to Revelations. Zombies are on the rise, dood.