Zombie Ted, A Comedy-Horror Movie: 9 Days Left on Kickstarter!

Zombie Ted is a feature film about a zombie in denial; Ted’s pretty sure he’s just got a skin thing but others are starting to wonder.

They’re about a third of the way there, they only need $60,000 to get under way, and so far, they’ve got just over $21,000 to use towards production, payroll, catering, equipment, –and a bunch of other stuff. There’s actually a budget pie chart in there somewhere. A lot of really cool stuff comes with donating too, –even if all you contribute is a dollar. 

You can get the film released to you digitally, even for meager donations of $25 or more, and $1 gets you a personal shout-out on your social media network of choice. Check out the trailer, –the movie looks like a lot of fun, and hey, the more money they have to work with, the better the movie is going to be. So if you want to see this happen, make it rain, bitches!