Zombie Outbreak at Hello-Kitty Land!

“Obaken is transforming the Sanrio Puroland theme park into the nightmarish “Obaken Zombie Land” for a special, one-night only event…”  

Sanrio Puroland is basically like.. Hello Kitty Land, in Japan. It’s not really my idea of the funnest thing in the world, in fact, on any given day, I would probably die of sheer super-cute-overdose, throttled into my brain by adorable anime characters… But! For one night only, 1,000 participants are turning into zombies and competing for prizes in live action zombie chaos… with puzzles!

If you live in Japan, and can afford tickets, –please go. They went on sale just a few days ago… and there might actually be some tickets left. If you are capable of going to Japan for shits and gigs, i.e., if you have no job and access to unlimited funds for random air travel… you should also go. If I had a ridiculous amount of money, I would go. The only thing we have here in the states are zombie pub crawls, and… meh, getting drunk and jaywalking isn’t really my thing.