‘Zombie Hunter’: Danny Trejo & Zombies… Where Can It Go Wrong?

“Zombie Hunter” on IMDB Horror – 2013 – 93 Minutes This film was a selection for BEBE 2015. There were only two reasons too watch this: 1) it has the word “zombie” in the title and 2)…”  

If you’re the type that doesn’t mind losing 93 minutes of your life that could otherwise be used to cure cancer or something, then maybe you should buy, torrent, stream, or Redbox Zombie Hunter however I personally wouldn’t spending any money on this movie, you’d be better off buying headphones for a deaf person. 

I gotta say, this movie wasn’t that good….at all. For a movie that was released with a big annoying picture of Danny Trejo there’s very little exposure for him in this film. The rest is a pathetic knock-off of other films that are a lot better with actors that weren’t found at Home Depot and Craiglist. If you’re looking for a zombie fix that you won’t feel guilty afterwards as if eating that 4th piece of cake, check out The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, or Dawn of the Dead.