Zombie Highway: Free to Download, New Version, Bugs Fixed!

Cars, guns, and zombies… what more could you want?

See, this game is the answer to the question I ask myself all the time: Why don’t they just run over all the zombies? I mean, it’s way quieter than shooting them, and if you were driving something big enough, you could kill a lot of zombies. We used to have a Chevy truck with a custom welded bumper that would have definitely done the job. This game makes me wish soooo bad I had a decent cell phone!

I have a crappy Samsung something or other that has like, no memory, –but if I had a good phone, I would have a ridiculous amount of games. Oh, and if you already have Zombie Highway, this release has had some of the big bugs fixed, including the bootup crasher that has been driving you crazy; IAP also works again. So if you ever got sick of this one and deleted it, you need to get it back!