Zombie Game Review: Zombie Age 2

“The fence has fallen down again, one after the other, no matter how many zombies you have killed. The town is now overrun by the walking dead, and everyone around you had turned into meat. “

Another somewhat grammatical error overridden description hides this cute game from most, but we’re brave, and we’ll try anything once. So we downloaded it, tested it, and bring back some surprisingly positive results, with only one medium complaint. First, there’s a surprising amount of action and motion; the zombies stack up fast, and shooting your way through them gets hard after the first couple of instances of play, so you have to constantly upgrade weapons. Additionally, mobile friends can join in and assist with the zombie killing as well.

There is also a fair amount of missions. The one drawback is that there really isn’t a lot of areas to play in, and unfortunately, the game can get a bit monotonous. It’s also one of those games that requires in-app purchases to get weapons that work well enough that you can really get through the game effectively. The problem with that is though, that once you get the guns that pack a real punch, then the game gets really boring, because things get really easy.