Zombie Comics, Woot! — Aliens Vs. Zombies From Zenescope

“In July, Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha and taking Zenescope on a different journey with the latest Vs. series, Aliens Vs. Zombies.”

First of all, I don’t usually gush this hard on comics, but the few panels available in the preview, on the source post… are effing gorgeous. There is a ton of detail, and the zombies are definitely pretty damned rugged. The first image I chose is… pretty much glorious. Okay so, the story goes, a comet smashes into Earth, releasing a virus that immediately causes a zombie pandemic. With almost everyone dead or zombified, a few remaining human are determined to fight their way to survival.

And then, alien scientists arrive on the scene. Then these aliens are teaming up with the last few surviving humans on Earth, to not only fight back the zombie hordes, but also to find a way or a cure to stop the zombie menace. Apparently the virus is planet hopping; it’s destroyed several other planets beforehand, and Earth is next! It looks like a lot of fun, and I’m probably going to pick this one up for myself… I’m a sucker for zombie comics. What do y’all think?