Zombie Apocalypse Pranks: Hilarious Mob Closes in On Unsuspecting Philadelphians

Since we’re all pretty much obsessed with the zombie apocalypse at this point, I guess it was only a matter of time before people started zombie-pranking each other.

You know, this was pretty funny, but I’m sort of spoiled. Recently, I watched a ton of “social experiments” –which is a fancy word for a prank, and usually, it’s a mean one in which the pranked party ends up looking like an asshole. Those are fun. But my favorite pranks of all time, are the pranks gone wrong, –a couple of zombies get guns pulled on them and instantly run in the other direction, or some zombie clowns dragging an axe around a busy downtown area at night are assaulted by a couple guys who aren’t quite ready to give in. Or, my recent personal favorite: a group of young black men witness two “zombies” eaten a guy and then they run up and kick their asses.

It’s really important that pranksters are aware of a very important caveat: not everyone is going to respond to the zombie apocalypse by running away. Also… I worry in sort of a funny way, that what if zombie pranks become a sort of, “Pranksters who called zombie” sort of thing… the real zombies could come… and then where would we be?