‘Z Nation’ Picks Up a Whole New Fan Base

“Syfy’s zombie drama Z Nation has found a UK home. The Sky owned Pick has secured the UK broadcast rights to the 13 episode series…”

I know it’s probably too soon to tell, but I think SyFy’s show Z Nation is going to be one of those unprecedented hits, –but before I get ahead of myself, there’s a reason: Z Nation‘s re-runs are now airing overseas in the UK, –and sure, it’s not like it has a special channel, show first runs of the episodes as they air in their new season, but hey, who gives a zombie turd? This is good news, because imo, Z Nation is the answer to the question as to what we should be watching while we wait for the next season of The Walking Dead …and subsequently try to avoid the undead Veronica Mars, in iZombie.

Z Nation has just the right amount of humor, and still manages to supply plenty of moments of seriously creepy, scary, and devastating drama. It takes itself a little less seriously than The Walking Dead and it takes itself a little more seriously than iZombie –which makes it a great medium-intensity show that’s fun, and sad, and scary, and ridiculous. The show is great unto itself, too, and honestly, if The Walking Dead stopped being a thing, then Z Nation would hopefully endure.