Writers of The Walking Dead: The 12 Elements of Killer Content

This week’s lesson in great content writing comes from TV ratings juggernaut The Walking Dead. Here are 12 ways the show creates quality copy to die for!

These are basically two subjects very near and dear to my heart; zombies and writing. As you can see, I do both, –and no, not like that, –ew! I write, and I love zombies, especially those of The Walking Dead. It occurs to me that maybe I have other readers out there, who might be thinking about turning their hand at one of the most ancient trades, –not prostitution, but writing! 

This advice is great to follow, whether you’re thinking about developing a webcomic, a storyboard for an indie comic, a blog or fan site of your own, or, that great idea for a novel you’ve been stowing away. This post is to honor writers like me, and everyone else. This is how The Walking Dead does it, and so if you’re just getting started, or looking for more ways to inject some life into the stuff you’re already doing, click through to the source article and check out these zombified tips on content creation.