Workout, Train, Lose Weight… All While Running From Zombies

Zombies, Run! is the most fun—and fear—you’ll experience with a workout app.

This looks like a lot of fun, especially for someone like me, –I love to work out, but I find pretty often, that there just isn’t the motivation there. And what better motivation is there than impending doom? The threat of a horde of zombies, bearing down on you, apart to rip you apart, and eat your intestines… and your brains, of course. Anyway, the best part of the whole thing: it’s only $4, and it’s absolutely re-usable, because depending on how often you run, and for how long, it’ll take you awhile to get through all the tracks in the seasons… 

Basically, you start out as a runner, and your camp’s survivors of the zombie apocalypse, need your help collecting supplies and rebuilding the base. And $4 buys you 40 missions, –and that’s just in the first season, –there are more than 120 other missions when you buy the other seasons. And you can change modes, –to heighten the intensity of the run, you can put yourself in “chase” mode. You’re being chased by zombies, and naturally, you’re going to want to run a wee bit faster.I’m so getting this guys, I can’t wait to play with it!