Why Does ‘Walking Dead’ Badass Norman Reedus Support Womens’ Issues Campaigns?

Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead,” revealed the reason he’s been supporting campaigns promoting women’s issues.

Honestly, I’d like to ask why more actors and celebrities don’t support the various support networks and charities out there that raise money and awareness for feminist issues and causes. But I won’t, because I know the answer: they’re too busy wiping their asses with hundred dollar bills, and crying about piracy laws and copyright infringement to care that between all the highest paid actors in Hollywood, donating half their yearly earnings to cancer research probably would have found a cure by now.

Oh well, rich people don’t care about the poor people, that’s how it goes. But Norman Reedus, awesome guy that he is and crack shot with a crossbow, will probably survive the zombie apocalypse, while the rest of the rich assholes (except Bill Murray, obviously) will get eaten. Oh! Norman Reedus is super cool: he comes from a family of strong women; his mother taught school in places like Harlem and the Bronx, and she ran an orphanage in Kurdistan. Norman Reedus supports the right for women to freely breastfeed, and was recently seen at the Blossom Ball, sponsored by the Endometriosis Foundation. Seriously, can anyone think of any reason not to fall completely in love with Reedus at this point?