What Can We Expect in The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale?

After the latest episode of The Walking Dead, the last before the season finale, the show’s […]

…producer, actually, showed up. Gale Ann Hurd appeared on Talking Dead  to discuss what we could expect from the season finale, titled “Conquer”. Naturally, she and Chandler Riggs, the other special guest on the show, didn’t really say much: for some reason, telling us anything is like, always a big no-no. The big hint that they dished, or, that Hurd dished anyway, was “There will be blood, and not just walker blood.” 

Walkers don’t really bleed, so much as ooze… their blood is pretty much sludge by now anyway. And as far as human blood goes, we’re not even remotely surprised. That’s pretty vague, –humans always die. They die literally, all the time in the show, –at least one person per episode. So the season finale will have dead people; color me shocked. Oh well, we can wait just a few more days. Hang in there, y’all!