Welcome to Idaho, Where You Can Shoot Zombies With Your Kids!

“As Lilly Miron approached the first in a horde of zombies infesting a downhill ski trail at Pebble Creek, her rifle failed to fire.”  

Looks like the residents of Pebble Creek know how to have a good time. Who out there wouldn’t want to strap on a snowboard, zip down the side of a mountain, popping caps in zombie scumbags? I’m booking my tickets right now.

Luckily it’s all in good fun as it’s part of a special yearly event in Pebble Creek, Idaho. The local National Guard  set it up to teach kids important safety techniques on the slopes and how to handle firearms as well. The parents can get involved too! Having fun with the kids outside and keeping them out of the vicinity of the nearest Xbox, Playstation, iPad and iPod.