Weirdest Party of the Year: Norman Reedus Celebrating ‘The Walking Dead’ & Supporting Public Breastfeeding

When Norman Reedus isn’t fighting off zombies, he’s looking dapper as hell in a three-piece suit! The 46-year-old attended the AMC Ad Sales event on Monday

Does Norman Reedus look 46 years old to you? In the show, I’d seriously guess him to be in his mid-to-late 20s. It’s so unfair how Hollywood actors and such are so young looking and I age a decade every year. Sigh. Oh well. He attended the AMC Ad Sales Event and looks incredibly handsome; every girl, including this one, is crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man. The campaign for breastfeeding he supports is called “Free the Nipple” –and he shows his support, by posing with a couple of breastfeeding moms on Instagram. 

As cool as the position is, I gotta say… it has always kind of creeped me out when moms continue breastfeeding as their kids get to be like three, four years old. That to me is odd… if your kid can eat solid food, it’s not necessary to keep breastfeeding. That’s my only negative comment. Ahem. And with that somewhat odd conclusion, enjoy the season finale of The Walking Dead this Sunday!