Watch The First Trailer for ‘Maggie’ –The Zombie Movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Abigail Breslin is all grown up and wants to protect Arnold Schwarzenegger in the first trailer for their indie zombie movie “Maggie.””

A zombie movie that doesn’t involve a lot of running around and killing zombies left and right with abandon; just bashing zombies hardcore. In this film, the traditional zombie storyline is suspended, and we’re left with watching real people struggling with the beginning of a zombie pandemic: these aren’t necessarily stalwart survivors, willing to cut everyone in their way down on the road to survival: this is one guy, fighting to “save” his teenage daughter, –who is already infected. 

This is a big deal for Arnold Schwarzenegger because he hasn’t been in a lot of fantasy/sci-fi/horror, –he’s always been an action man. But then, he’s got a lot of free time now that he’s no longer neck deep in politics.  I love Arnold, –all the way back since The Last Action Hero, and I’m excited to see him in another movie, where you know he’s going to kick serious ass. He might be able to keep his daughter from turning into a zombie, but he might be able to keep anyone else from killing her. Maybe. We’ll see!