Watch the First Trailer for “Fear The Walking Dead”

“A strange virus is going around…” 

I don’t know about y’all, but I am SUPER excited, like, tons, for the new spin-off, –so much in fact, that I might even break down and watch the shows as they come out. You know, along with everyone else who isn’t as ridiculously impatient with TV shows as I am. So, anyway, the trailer is incredibly short, which kind of sucks… but I bet as time goes on there will be a bunch more promo and trailer videos released as we get close to the big day. The trailer basically shows a sunny day in L.A., far away from the perils of Georgia, and a radio ad telling people to get their flu shots…

And there’s a “strange virus” being reported in a few states. And then we segue into a shot of someone looking pretty sick as the trudge down a tunnel. You know, the other great thing about this series is that it starts this summer. Summer ain’t that far away… so we don’t have that long to wait at all. And think of how awesome the timing is? Consider this; when the new show concludes, the next season of Walking Dead should start right back up. Nifty!