Watch Rob Zombie Scout Locations For His “Most Brutal” Movie Yet: ’31’

Go ’31’ Location Scouting With Rob Zombie!

Click through to watch the video, and watch as Rob Zombie walks around creepy, confined, and downright unsanitary locations for his new movie “31″. In this movie, we’re basically looking at the standard human-hunting template, with a few freaky twists: 5 carnies are kidnapped on what is colloquially known as Devil’s Night, the night before Halloween, and held hostage in “Murder World” –a secret compound, which is really more like an arena of sorts. 

And then they have 12 hours to survive the game called “31” in which a group of psychopathic murdering clowns are released to hunt them all down and kill them. Sound like fun? Yeah, it’s like The Hunger Games except way more hardcore. I’m ready. Let’s play.