‘Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Glenn Dies ???

The Walking Dead season 5 is currently being filmed, and there’s lots of rumors flying around about what will happen. There’s entire dedicated websites an

What?!? The rumors can’t be true… can they?  Alanna Masterson, aka Tara, tweeted about episode two being Glenn’s last show.  I can’t imagine them getting rid of any fan favorites again, so soon. Glenn is right up there with Maggie, Michonne, and Daryl.  He has a huge fan base, why would they get rid of this guy, that would be crazy.  Rick and Carl have definitely picked up some haters in the last 3 seasons, but Glenn is popular with everyone.  If they keep killing off characters everybody loves, they will never make it to season 8 let alone season 12. What are they thinking?!?!?!