‘Walking Dead’ Creator’s Exorcism Drama ‘Outcast’ is Going to Be a New Series on Cinemax!

The Walking Dead creator is joining the ranks of the uber-producers.
Robert Kirkman’s latest comic-to-TV adaptation, Outcast, has been picked up to series at Cinemax.”

The premier date has yet to be released, which isn’t surprising, it’s only just been ordered by Cinemax, no filming or anything has started yet, but I think Robert Kirkman has basically become someone to really fall completely in love with in the TV industry. They saw what could be done with The Walking Dead, and parent network HBO said to themselves, “Imagine what we could do with this is there was a bigger budget, more effects, –and more adult content!” 

That means there’s really something to look forward to, and I can’t help but almost have some anxiety over this: I hope I don’t get hit by a bus or anything before I get a chance to see this. If you haven’t read the comics, Outcast is about Kyle Barnes, plagued by possession since he was a kid, and now goes on a “spiritual journey” that could essentially end in an apocalyptic event.