Walking Dead Cartoon for Children?

“The Walking Dead Kids hitting in 2016!”

This is actually an ingenious April Fools joke, –and apparently, no one bought it, which is a bit sad because the funnest thing about April Fools Day… is being sucked into a good joke or prank, and then being slapped with the punchline. This was a really good one. Obviously no one is going to make an incredibly graphic Walking Dead cartoon for kids… even though it almost seems like the next plausible step, now that the franchise has its own spin-off prequel show premiering this spring.

There is a hilarious “Walking Dead Kids” promo video, –and promo art, –on the source post. The contributor tells us to pay special attention to the video’s subtitles, –the closed captioning bits are especially funny. Head on over there to watch the promo for a cartoon that doesn’t exist… yet. Do you think there will ever be a zombie cartoon, not an anime, specifically meant for younger kids? I think if they have a Tales from the Crypt cartoon… Walking Dead cartoons are just as likely.