Video Evidence: The “Zombie Cat” Is Part a Huge Animal Abuse Scam

“Maybe you saw the story of Bart “the Zombie Cat,” allegedly risen from the dead after he was hit by a car and buried by his owners.”

I strongly urge you to click through to the source, and read the entire story. It’s full of evidence on how a completely psychotic, sick woman basically abuses and neglects cats, and then uses the media as well as a site called “Go Fund Me” to raise funds for medical care, –which is free to begin with. Not only is the evidence against the woman, named “Dusty” overwhelming, but the post contains multiple instances of video evidence.

There are facebook and YouTube videos of this demented freak standing over convulsing, sick cats, talking about the miracle of life and death and rebirth, –while panning a camera over to another cat nearby, giving birth. Why hasn’t anyone gotten involved? Because no one cares about this woman stealing thousands of dollars to use on god only knows what (probably meth) while torturing and neglecting helpless animals.