Top 10 Zombie Kills From ‘The Walking Dead’

Nothing is off-limits in the show that reimagined the zombie-drama genre…”

Personally, this was always the top of my list: for some reason, Michonne shoving a katana through a little girl’s head just strikes me as pretty effing brutal. It’s the list, but not at the top. I can’t tell you the #1 top zombie kill on the show, you’ll have to click through and watch the video. It’s great, totally worth checking out, –and it’s current.

Anyway, dude, I can’t help but think that some of the worst deaths on the show aren’t zombie kills: remember that whole, “Just look at the flowers, honey,” thing? Yeah. Oh it’s a funny meme and all now, because it only takes the Internet a few minutes to make something really disturbing and emotional into a big joke. Or when we all thought that Judith got eaten? Yeah. That sucked.