This is How We Become Zombies: U.S. Approves Biotech Apple That Resists Browning

“U.S. regulators on Friday approved what would be the first commercialized biotech apple, rejecting efforts by the organic industry and other GMO critics to block the new fruit…” 

So even though everyone is screaming about not introducing genetically altered biotechnological traits into our fruits, –and everyone is already pissed that so many of the commercially available fruits and vegetables out there have been genetically altered in the first place. The amount of chemicals and preservative crap we ingest already would make your head spin. 

Well dude, when I start shopping from now on, apples are not going on the list. Even commercially sold organic fruits and vegetables aren’t necessarily organic. The best place to buy fruits and vegetables might just be your own backyard. A lot of states have EBT-approved vegetable and fruit plants at the bigger stores. Eating stuff like this is just asking for even more trouble.