There’s Zombie Events In Australia This Saturday

This Saturday hundreds of runners and zombies will roam Byfield  as part the huge event for the Capricorn Coast raising money for Yeppoon’s SES

Looks like our friends down under this Saturday will be having a fun zombie run but this one is through a forest. They haveTyre obstacles,  a Clown Zombie Nest, and a mega slip and slide are just some of the unique and fun features of the course. The concept behind the event is simple: “Humans” try to complete a 5km track against the clock while remaining “uneaten” by zombies. Being “eaten” consists of having a flag in the runner’s belt taken by a “zombie”. It’s for a great cause so if you’re going to be around Australia’s Capricorn Coast this Saturday (Friday for us on this side of the planet) check it out have some fun.