The Zombie Game: Annoy and Irritate People Endlessly With This Fun Game!

“The Zombie Game…”

Normally I don’t write about tweets, but this one was so cute and funny, I had to grab it for y’all. Now, the EXTREME Zombie Game version: Go to Walmart, or the mall, dressed as an actual zombie, shamble up to complete strangers with a washable marker, –I suggest doing this with a group, –and write the letter “Z” on them. Then scream, “Now you’re a zombie,” and run away. The last person to be thrown out by security is the winner. 

Or you could play the tamer, less-likely-to-get-you-charged-with-something version at home. Just remember to use a washable marker… like a Crayola brand made specifically for the kind of people with asshole kids who draw everywhere but on designated surfaces.