‘The Walking Dead’s Glenn Was Spotted On Set….YAY!!!

*The Walking Dead Season 5 filming spoilers ahead* Is it too soon for a sigh of relief? The Walking Dead Season 5 is now filming in Griffin, GA, around an Easy Shop supermarket, among other places. The Spoiling Dead Fans is all over it, as usual, and they gave us hope when revealing some cast …

Yes, I am desperately hopeful that the rumors of Glenn’s demise are just plain WRONG.  There are reports that say Maggie, Glenn and Eugene were on set filming as recent as this previous Friday, June 20th. I know it could be a flashback, but with Herschel gone, there aren’t many really good guys left, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed they spare this one.  Who do you think the first character to die in season 5 will be?