‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Mid Season Finale Seems To Be Focused Around This Guy

Guess what? The Walking Dead Season 5 is now shooting its mid-season finale, which means we’re on high alert for mayhem. The Spoiling Dead Fans has been following production, and filming was apparently taking place yesterday at a textile building in Griffin, GA. Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), N…

Ever since the disappearance of Beth on Daryl’s watch, we’ve been wondering when she will make it back to the group, what’s left of them anyway.  With the midseason finale starring the dear tortured Father Gabriel it looks like we have our answer.  With Rick, Daryl, Tyreese and Sasha at the midseason filming too, perhaps our favorite zombie killing crew have finally rescued Beth from her kidnappers.  Do you think Beth’s kidnappers saved her that day the took her from Daryl or would she have been safe anyway?