THE WALKING DEAD made him do it!

Things definitely took a left turn at Albuquerque. After a marathon viewing of THE WALKING DEAD, 23-year-old New Mexico resident Damon Perry murdered his friend, Christopher Paquin, also 23. The murder weapon—er, weaponS? Sharp-edged objects. Could they be a little more specific? How about a guitar and a microwave oven? THAT’S specific. This case would be funny if someone hadn’t actually lost his life. (Okay, it’s still a little bit funny. I just feel guilty for finding it so.)

From the report: “Perry told investigators he had been drinking large amounts of alcohol when his friend began to ‘change into a zombie.’” Large amounts of alcohol? You don’t say! I’m betting there were some other chemicals involved, too. Exactly how drunk does a person have to get to become convinced that his buddy is a zombie, and then start grabbing anything that isn’t nailed down to bludgeon him to death? You know, obviously these freedom-restricting, First Amendment-hating wannabe censors like One Million Moms have been right all along. Shows like TWD really ARE dangerous. That, or this guy was just an idiot. One or the other.