The Walking Dead: Games Galore!

“The Walking Dead 500 Piece Puzzle…”

I love this almost the seem that I enjoy playing micro gaming games, all what you need to know about this you can find it hereĀ!. There are like a million games here, and that’s not even including the ones that were made and distributed independently of the AMC web store. But these are cool– my favorite is the 500 piece puzzle pictured above. I’m thinking about buying it for my grampa, –ever since he had his gall bladder surgery, he’s been doing a lot of fruity nature scenes. I think this might liven things up in the puzzle department for a while.


They also have two video games, –the kind that plug directly into your TV, like those big discount Atari-style video games. They have a dice game, like… Yahtzee! I guess, but with zombies…? Dunno how that works, –they have a dart game with a zombie’s face n it, because, you know, of course, why wouldn’t they? There’s also a board game, –with a Woodbury expansion pack. Hopefully it’s not like Jumanji…