‘The Walking Dead’ Easter Egg Mystery: Solved!

“Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick didn’t reveal the “Easter egg” from episode 12 of “The Walking Dead.”

….right away. He did eventually spill the beans, and we will tell you. But let’s check out some of the theories first. Was it Michonne’s book, “Crime Without Punishment”? No. Next. Was it…. the “Wolf Fight” comic book that Carl picks up? No… but the wolf stuff sure is mentioned a lot, isn’t it? Next. The handprint on the window frame? Nope. Next. Was it… Rick’s new uniform with the patch and the Latin phrase that translates to “We Will Rise Again”?

Ding, ding! We have a winner! A few people got it right, and Chris Hardwick tweeted confirmation later on. Cool, right? As for the mention of wolves, and such… well, they keep appearing, but as yet, we’re not sure what it means. I guess we’ll find out.