The Walking Dead #137: The Calm Before the Sh*t Storm

“The last ten issues of The Walking Dead have been, by the series’ standards, comparatively tranquil…”

That’s because this is basically the point at which writers are making way for what will most likely be something really brutal; zombies and people together, obviously, means chaos and violence, but there are other factors. Being in a complacent state never lasts long in the series, and people do die, but there hasn’t been a major source of conflict just yet. 

But the cracks are definitely showing in the Hilltop; Carl and Lydia, Maggie and Jesus, –Lydia uses some alone time to try to get all sexy with Carl, but in a really, really gross way. And then Gregory drugs Maggie, and monologues while Jesus listens behind him in the doorframe. So, yeah, Gregory is about to totally get his ass kicked, if not killed. It’s too bad all of Rick’s hard work is starting to fall apart, but is there anyone out there who actually thought it would last? Yeah, no.