The Undead Attack for the First Time in Indonesia!

“…a group of survivors attempts to survive the zombie apocalypse by avoiding and shooting a growing number of zombies.”

You know what’s so cool about zombies right now? That for once, they’re bringing us together; not quite in the way if they were real, sort of like an Independence Day situation, in which all the countries of the planet have to work together or else all get turned into …alien fuel. Or killed. No, the cool thing about zombies in pop culture right now is that events are being held internationally, literally, all over the globe for zombie games. It’s actually a great idea for promoting global tourism.

One of the big global events right now is the Zombie Attack; the first ever attack game to be played in Indonesia, or so their website says. The site has all the details, and their schedule of events. It’s started Apr. 10th, and it has about another week to go. So if you already live near the “Blitzmegaplex” –which is something like a mall to my understanding, head out over to Paris Van Java, –or if, by some stretch you’re rich and can afford pretty much anything, check it out. Also, anyone attending will need to register as a participant, –human or zombie. Let us know how it went if you were there!