The Top 5 Favorite Zombie Movies Ever!

“Everybody loves a good zombie flick to zone out for a few hours, or to test your fears…”

Now, everyone has their favorites, but not everyone agrees that older is necessarily better, –which in my case, is totally true: I have seen both the old and new version of Dawn of the Dead and to be honest, I like the new version better. Shame on me, but that’s the contender for #1 on the list; the old one, and coming in at #2 is Night of the Living Dead –a classic, but personally, I would have put 28 Days Later here. #3 is perfect: Dead Alive, — a classic zombie gore fest.

At #4, I would have put 28 Days Later, or REC, but here we have Return of the Living Dead, and #5 is Shaun of the Dead –a good fit, really. What are the top 5 best zombie moves ever on your list? Do you agree with this one, or do you like my choices better?