The Top 10 Killers For Each Season Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Ever wonder who killed the most zombies on The Walking Dead? Wonder no more cuz we got all the stats laid out in infographic form.

Finally, now we know who’s killed the most zombies, –and humans. And on-screen deaths are the only ones counted, which I think is fair, since technically, the Governor might win, –he’s killed a buttload of people. So let’s see… who has the most kills? And what about the silver and bronze medalists in the, “Kill as many zombies as possible” competition? You can see the most zombie kills per season, or sea the winner of “most zombie kills” in the entire show.

According the comics, however this material might change soon; Rick James longs to hand the mantle down to his son, Carl. But Carl has plans of his own, and those plans do not include being the head of the group, making sure everyone survives. It’s an old story, but we don’t know the end yet. Most of the time, that character archetype isn’t risking his life by zombie mutilation if he doesn’t follow through, –it’ll be neat to see how that works out.