The Search For the Zombie Air-Fresheners

Considering that zombies have to stink, I love the irony of offering zombie-themed automobile vent air-fresheners.

My friend Stacy, who is working on a zombie novel when she isn’t busy teaching English in the public school system (and whose work I will be profiling when she finishes it!) informed me about the existence of zombie apocalypse-themed vent sticks for your car. As soon as I learned the location where she’d seen the item (they are sold in a three-pack), and had scolded her for not picking one up for me, I hurried over to purchase one for myself. Stacy knew I loved zombies, but she wasn’t aware of my love for kitsch. Whereas she had been lamenting the oversaturation of all things zombie in pop culture, I luxuriate in it.

The product comes from a company called Driven By Refresh. (Note to said company: It isn’t necessary that you compensate me for the free plug I’m giving you here in this article—but if you insisted upon doing so it would be a nice gesture.) The “zombie apocalypse” three-pack comes with green-faced Psycho Stu, Cletus Clown, and Roger, the most personable of the trio. The vent sticks are “black out” scented, which smells like licorice and spices. Not at all like a real zombie, in other words—but would you really want zombie vent sticks that come with an authentic zombie aroma?