Anybody remember a product called “666 Cold Medicine” from the 80s? It was just cold medicine, had nothing to do with serving the devil. As I recall, the title was a reference to the number of prescriptions the original pharmacist made or something like that. Anyway, I don’t doubt that the name contributed to lower sales. (It sure wouldn’t have helped.) Supposedly they still sell the product, but I haven’t seen it on store shelves in a long time.

The Medcare Skin Centre in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, might not have as its company logo a design or title so immediately notorious, but the astute will nonetheless know to steer clear. Medcare has the same umbrella design as the Umbrella Corporation from RESIDENT EVIL. I don’t know how many people in Vietnam know about the game and movie series, but those who do are likely gonna stay away. Nobody wants to be transformed into a slavering, flesh-craving zombie, after all.

The company took it all seriously enough to post this on their official Facebook page (occasionally slipping into stereotypical and unintentionally comical pidgin English):

“NOTICE—Ho Chi Minh City—Jun, 5th, 2017

Dear Clients and Partners of Medcare Skin Centre and others of concern;

In the last few days, we have received feedback from the media and community that our logo resembles that of a fictional corporation (Umbrella Corporation) in the movie and game Resident Evil. We are very surprised to receive such feedback from the community.
We are very sorry the situation has occurred and is working internally to find the best solution quickly. Our team is highly specialized in taking care of skin conditions for our clients and logo design is completely out of our specialty and was consulted and completed for us by a hired third-party. We understand the urgency of the situation; and is working to quickly to provide appropriate answer to our clients, partners, community and to the movie and game producers and copyright holders of the artwork. We hope for your understanding that the situation is not an intentional infringement of copyright by Medcare Skin Centre.

We will continually update our progress on the website and social media presence. In the meantime, we will be monitoring continual feedback from the community in this email should you have any sharing with Medcare Skin Centre:
Once again, we are very sorry and look forward to your understanding and support.

Medcare Skin Centre”

They seem to be more concerned about getting sued for copyright infringement than scaring away customers, but I still think this is hilarious.

By TheCheezman

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