The Other Side (2014) – Does is Deliver Originality or Is It DOA?

With the popularity of The Walking Dead, zombie shows and films have been growing in popularity faster than zombies multiply. The only problem with that, they are all trying to be The Walking Dead …

There is not a whole lot of information about this movie in the review, but there is a trailer for it. Sadly, based on the trailer, the production values suck, and the set could have been put together in a high school auditorium. But! The movie does actually look interesting, and the reviewer got me kind of hyped, by sucking me in with a supposedly crazy, off the wall “last five minutes of the movie” twist.

I bet the zombies are conscious or…like, everyone’s hallucinating or some shit. I dunno, I’ve seen a lot of angles on zombies, so I might actually see this just to figure out what the big secret is, you know? Has anyone else out there seen this yet? Anyway willing to give spoilers…? We’ll forgive you.