The Documentary for ‘Walking Dead’, ‘Walkers Among Us’ Brings Zombies Out of the Woodwork

Fans of “The Walking Dead” descend on the Chicago area for the world premiere of a new documentary about the craze over the popular zombie series.

It’s that time again, folks! Every aspiring filmmaker and documentarian coming out with their offerings and in Woodridge, Ill a new documentary called The Walkers Among Us is releasing this week with the topic du jour being zombies, undead, reanimated corpses, and The Walking Dead.

It was quite a regal event with many people showing up dressed as hordes of undead into the theatre to watch the documentary which includes featured interviews with cast members of The Walking Dead that aren’t featured anywhere else. The documentary primarily covers the significance of zombies in our popular country through features with fans of the series and chime-ins from classic zombie movie stars from the time of yesteryear. For this in the Woodridge area, contact your local theatre and see if there are any showings if your interested, for those not lucky enough be on the lookout for the documentary being sold on DVD or VOD.