The Death of Beth: ‘The Walking Dead’ Cast Members React to the Departure of Emily McKinney

“The Walking Dead cast members usually have a tough time dealing with the death of one of the AMC series’ main characters…”

Oh yeah, this happened, and not everyone was sad about it. Fans are disturbed and signing petitions for Beth’s resurrection, Norman Reedus (actor who plays Daryl) was upset, naturally, as their characters on the show were very close. A lot of people were hoping for a mini-romance between them, which we’ll never get to see now.

Terribly upsetting for so many people, and if you missed the episode, I apologise for the spoiler but hey, you snooze, you lose. This is pretty goddamn awful, I’m not gonna lie. I am going to miss Beth, and …yeah. I cried. Emily McKinney was also extremely disturbed by the news and even had trouble sleeping when she found out. Altogether, it’s a goddamn tragedy.