‘In the Flesh’ Season 2 Has Come To A Rather Hostile Conclusion

Since he quit wearing his makeup and contact lenses, Kieren’s parents have him locked in his room until they can send him back to the treatment center.  All the fuss must’ve gotten to his formerly … It seems the hate and dysfunction, which was somewhat quieted with the tolerance policies before the release of Blue… Continue reading ‘In the Flesh’ Season 2 Has Come To A Rather Hostile Conclusion


First ants, next humans! Throw all your Apple products in the garbage, they clearly are dangerous mind control devices. What makes a zombie? It depends on the movie. In NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD it was a returned space probe, bringing with it some alien pathogen, perhaps, or cosmic form of radiation. In movies like… Continue reading ZOMBIE ANTS

PONTYPOOL—I got it. At least I think I got it.

 It plays like Stephen King’s Cell met a Twilight Zone episode and spawned something completely different.  Okay, then, you looking for a zombie movie of a different stripe? A zombie movie that hits all the key requirements but also makes you think? If no, then please do NOT watch PONTYPOOL and then grouse about how “lame”… Continue reading PONTYPOOL—I got it. At least I think I got it.

It’s a conspiracy!

On November 15th, Harvard Professor Don Wiley left a gathering of friends and colleagues some time after 10:30 PM. The next morning, Memphis police found his rental car stopped on a bridge, with a full tank of gas and keys still in the ignition. I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, outside of the… Continue reading It’s a conspiracy!

Spike the Corpse Flower Pulls a George Jones

In anticipation of the opening of the rancid-smelling flower (nicknamed “Spike,”) the garden amped up the flower’s own Twitter and Facebook page and even trained a live webcam on the bud. We could also say Spike pulled an Axl Rose, but frankly Jones has more class. Either way, both musicians were infamous for failing to… Continue reading Spike the Corpse Flower Pulls a George Jones

Zombies in the Good Book?

I have a hard time with people who believe every punctuation mark in the Holy Bible (and it’s usually the King James Bible they’re referring to) was inspired by God. Not that the Almighty penned it Himself; rather He possessed sinful human beings—a LOT of them—who dictated what He wanted to say. People believe this… Continue reading Zombies in the Good Book?

The Plague Line

An elderly man in Utah has died from the plague this week. Considering that we haven’t had any recurrences of that whole “Black Death” thing, people can perhaps be forgiven if they erroneously believe that the plague, the historic plague, has gone the way of smallpox, rabies and other such dreaded diseases of the past… Continue reading The Plague Line

You can’t keep a good (or bad) man (or woman) down.

The numbers are in and last night’s Fear the Walking Dead premiere has set a new television record as the biggest cable television premiere of all time. What is it about zombies? I’m sure there are deep-seated psychological and sociological reasons for the wild popularity of the zombie genre. Something about our latent fear of… Continue reading You can’t keep a good (or bad) man (or woman) down.

WALKING DEAD in California?

A real-life case of human plague comes just weeks ahead of the upcoming “Fear The Walking Dead” series premiere. No, actually. The headlines a little misleading. But the story, or the germ of the story, if you’ll excuse the bad pun, is still pretty frightening. A kid has been diagnosed with the plague. The article… Continue reading WALKING DEAD in California?