‘In the Flesh’ Season 2 Has Come To A Rather Hostile Conclusion

Since he quit wearing his makeup and contact lenses, Kieren’s parents have him locked in his room until they can send him back to the treatment center.  All the fuss must’ve gotten to his formerly …

It seems the hate and dysfunction, which was somewhat quieted with the tolerance policies before the release of Blue Oblivion, has reinvigorated more powerful than before.  It’s unknown whether these PDS sufferers will be given a new lease on life, but it certainly looks like its leaning that way.  With the drug companies coming to dig up Amy’s corpse, it leaves me wondering whether the PDS meds will not only restart someone’s life from a zombie state, but could it be the answer for those suffering horrible illnesses and old age.  Do you think this PDS medicine will be the cure all for all disease and aging?