Support Zombie Ted, and Tell Us: What’s Your Zombie Name?

Follow the simple instructions to find your zombie name and that of your present or future mate – then post on social media!

So, apparently, my zombie name is Dina Sonofa Scab; I don’t know how one gets to be the son of a scab, but okay. My significant other’s name then has to be Peter PantsonHead. Oh, my roommate’s zombie name, you ask? He’s Dagmar Likemy Fleshwound. Now that’s hot. Oh and his eventually significant other is going to be Penny Pantsonhead, so I guess we’re going to be related in the future?

Oh, and my cat’s zombie name is Ted Likemy Scab. And him and my roommate are probably going to marry the same girl, which is going to be really, really weird, but hey. I’m all about the free love. Anyway, we’re doing a follow up post to show our support for the Zombie Ted movie on Kickstarter, so sit tight, figure out your zombie name, and head on over later to check out our Kickstarter coverage on Zombie Ted.