Support ‘Old Main’ Zombie Movie on IndieGoGo

“The One Day You Don’t Want to Come to Class…”

As I sit here, eating my breakfast of peanut butter granola bars and giant Sasquatch meat stick, I was shocked to find that the zombie movie “Old Main” has received ZERO dollars in funding! Gasp! It is our job, our calling, if you will, to support zombie movies in all their guts, and brain-eating glory, whenever possible, to make sure that even the shittiest zombie movies get an audience. I feel sorry for this guy, his promo video looks like it was recorded in his linen closet… and their budget goal is only $500. Come on man… you need more than that.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a microbudget zombie movie that takes place in a college town; a zombie apocalypse begins, and like, shit hits the proverbial fan, lots of zombies, eating college kids, which to me is awesome, because I absolutely despise the loud student-y types. Seems like their whole culture revolves around date rape, abortion, and binge drinking. So yeah, throw some zombies in there: I’m ready! Head over to IndieGoGo and donate, fund the project, –you get cool perks and goodies for helping, so don’t be shy.