Spoilers: ‘The Walking Dead’ Latest Internet Rumors Sends Beth To The Grave

Looks like they never make it in time to save Beth from her kidnappers or the walkers

The latest ‘Walking Dead’ rumors have been circling in on Beth, whom we last seen getting pulled into a car with some kind religious guy driving.  Last week’s episode fooled us into believing that when we found the preacher we would find Beth, but that certainly wasn’t the case.  Our two most courageous TWD heroes left on the search for her with hopes that she was close and they would be able to find her, but from the reports swarming the net she will only be found postmortem or the walking dead if you will.  It’s said to be her own step sister Maggie who has the courage to end her eternal torment hunting “BRAINS” but how much of this is really true, I guess we will have to see on the midseason finally. Do you think Daryl will find her before its too late to save her?